Why Liability Insurance?

As a pharmacist or pharmacy tech who plays an integral role in your community’s health and well-being, you take your profession and your role seriously. But no matter how much hard work, flawless professionalism, copious amounts of training, or dedication to excellence you pour into your pharmacist or pharmacy tech career, mistakes still happen.

Why You Need Pharmacy Liability Insurance

In your career field, mistakes, or even allegations of mistakes, often result in claims of malpractice, negligence, misconduct, and more, which often lead to thousands of dollars in litigation costs, loss of wages, license revocation, and long-term reputation damage.
Further, as your role as a pharmacist or pharmacy tech continues to expand—from vaccinations to consultations and more—an increased opportunity for a claim expands with it.

No matter how skilled or professional you are, mistakes still happen 

Unfortunately, as humans who err, no matter what type of protocols and practices are established; accidents and allegations of accidents can happen.
A recent claim study found that over $25 million was paid over the course of 5 years for pharmacist malpractice claims—covering a wide span of allegations that ranged from wrong drug or wrong dose (two of the most common allegations), labeling errors, failure to supervise, wrong prescription delivery, preparation error, and more.
The risk of these errors—despite your professionalism—is a core part of your career. Protecting yourself against claims of negligence, misconduct, malpractice and more is the only way to truly mitigate the risks associated with these claims.
That’s where we come in.

We can help protect you, your career, and your future

Obtaining the right kind of liability insurance guarantees that you have the coverage you need to protect against the risks that are naturally intertwined with your career—no matter where you’re employed or what your pharmacy occupation title might be.

While your employer might have liability coverage that includes you under its general umbrella, at the end of the day, that insurance is designed to do one thing and one thing only—protect your employer at all costs.

You deserve dedicated coverage committed to protecting the assets that matter most to you—your career, your financial security, your reputation, and your well-being.
A dedicated pharmacy professional like you understands the risks associated with your career—but you continue to bring your commitment to excellence to your community to improve their health and well-being. Choose a liability insurance company that understands that your interests come first.

Our Policy Details

Assurance You Need

Having your own liability insurance ensures that your interests are protected. That means safeguarding your career, financial security, and reputation, granting you the peace of mind you want from the guaranteed protection you need.  

All Pharmacy Professionals Included

No matter your job title, no matter where you practice (private pharmacy, hospital, retailer, or otherwise)— if you’re a pharmacy professional, we can provide you with affordable coverage you need that spans the list of essential protection your field demands.

Your Interests Come First

Your employer’s liability insurance umbrella might not be enough to protect you when allegations and claims rain down. Your own dedicated liability insurance guarantees your well-being comes first should a claim arise—can your employer’s insurance promise that?

Shop for Insurance Like a Pro 

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