The Professional Liability Insurance You Want for the Assurance You Need 

As a professional, your career is so much more than the technicalities. You’re a core piece of your community, continuously ensuring customers receive what they need. 

Assurance You Need

Having your own liability insurance ensures that your interests are protected. That means safeguarding your career, financial security, and reputation, granting you the peace of mind you want from the guaranteed protection you need

All Professionals Included

No matter your job title, no matter where you practice — if you’re a professional, we can provide you with affordable coverage you need that spans the list of essential protection your field demands.

Your Interests Come First

Your employer’s insurance umbrella might not be enough to protect you when allegations and claims rain down. Your own dedicated professional liability insurance guarantees your well-being comes first should a claim arise—can your employer’s insurance promise that?

Coverage for All Pharmacy Professionals 

Our Policy Details

Professional Liability Insurance:
$1 Million Per Occurrence

Professional Liability Insurance:
$3 Million Per Year

General Liability Insurance:
$2 Million Per Occurrence, $3 Million Per Year

$25,000 Identity Protection Plan

$1,000 Stolen/ Damaged Equipment Protection

$2 Million Product Coverage

Get Your Coverage Instantly

Now that you’ve found the perfect liability insurance, you don’t want to wait—and we don’t blame you. When you partner with us, you’re granted immediate coverage from the moment you confirm your payment. Don’t believe us? Check your inbox as soon as you submit—you’ll find your certification of coverage waiting for you. 

No delays, no waiting periods, no complications—just effective, comprehensive coverage in just a few clicks.

A Policy that Pays for Itself

Premium, Member-Only Benefits

Your career requires so much more than just general liability insurance—that’s why we’ve deliberately designed a liability insurance policy that tackles the everyday concerns all professionals deal with to the unique, career-specifics a pharmacist or pharmacy technician exclusively deals with.

The best part? We’ve even created a unique, members-only benefits program that’s designed to enhance your work-life and beyond

FREE, Professional Website

When you join our team, we offer you a FREE, customizable, professional website to help enhance your business and boost your marketing tools.

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Only the Best for the Best

After years of training, degrees, and in-pharmacy experience, you know the technicalities count, too—that’s why you never take your job as a professional lightly. 

Neither do we. 

We believe the best professionals deserve the best coverage to ensure they’re protected against claims of malpractice, negligence, misconduct, and erroneous actions.

You’ve worked hard to become a vital part of your community—let us make sure that never changes.

The Competition Doesn’t Compare





Occurrence-Form Coverage Yes Yes Yes
Professional Liability Insurance
$1 Million Per Occurrence
$3 Million Per Year
$1 Million Per Occurrence
$3 Million Per Year
$1 Million Per Occurrence
$3 Million Per year
General Liability Insurance
(Trip & Fall)
Optional Coverage Available
Optional Coverage Available
$2 Million Per Occurrence
$3 Million Per Year
Products Individual Annual Aggregate
$2 Million Per Occurrence, Per Year
Rental Damage Coverage
Stolen Equipment No No $1,000 with $250 deductible
Members-Only Benefits No Discounts Available for Members Yes
Identity Protection Plan No No $25,000
Annual Fee
NOTE: The information in this comparison has been gathered from the websites of each organization and other third party sources, such as url. No guarantee or assurance is made by PIP as to the accuracy or completeness of this information. Get Covered
Occurence-Form Coverage
Stolen Equipment
Members-Only Benefits
Identity Protection Plan
Annual Fee $417 $105-$540 $299
Get Insured
NOTE: The information in this comparison has been gathered from the websites of each organization and other third party sources, such as url. No guarantee or assurance is made by PIP as to the accuracy or completeness of this information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is liability insurance?

Liability insurance is a type of risk management coverage that the insured (that’s you!) invests in to be protected and relieved of the financial responsibility of a potential loss. Think about liability insurance like it’s a safety net that’s got you covered should something—no matter how unpredictable or unlikely—go wrong. This type of insurance will protect you, your career, your finances, your reputation, and your future from claims, allegations, and potential litigation.

Why do I need liability insurance?

There are a lot of reasons you should invest in liability insurance, but ultimately, this kind of coverage will put your interests first (not your employer’s), will safeguard your finances, will protect you against the unlikely, the improbable, and the unplanned, shows your clients that you’re prepared and professional, and can give you the peace of mind you need to do your job exceptionally.

Is there more than one type of liability insurance?

There are many different types of liability insurance, but the main three include professional liability, general liability, and product liability. Professional liability will provide protection when a client, patient, or customer deals with (or claims to deal with) injury, damage, or negligence that happened during or as a result of your service.  General liability insurance covers damages and injuries that weren’t directly caused by you but happened in relation to you (this is often called slip-and-fall coverage). Product liability insurance covers negative or adverse reactions that your patients or clients have as a result of a product you used.

What’s the difference between occurrence-form coverage and claims-made coverage?

In our opinion, not all policies are created equally, and a lot of that has to do with the type of coverage you have. An occurrence-form policy offers you coverage for any claim made after your policy has expired as long as the incident in question took place while your policy was active. Claims-made coverage is a type of policy that only covers you for the claims filed within the policy term—in other words, if something happened while you were paying for your policy but wasn’t filed until after your policy expires, claims-made coverage will not protect you. That’s why we’re proud to offer occurrence-form coverage to all of our members!

Should I invest in an individual aggregate coverage or a shared aggregate coverage?

Individual aggregate coverage means that you—and you alone—are covered by your individual policy limit, regardless of claims made by other members who have a similar policy. Shared aggregate coverage means that you share a policy limit with other members who share the same master program. That means if a claim is paid out for other members, you could be left with zero coverage when you need to have an insurer pay for a claim that was filed against you. We’re proud to offer individual aggregate coverage for our members so they can count on being covered every time—no matter what.

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